Chaston Nursery & Pre-Preparatory School

Off Grafton Terrace

Kentish Town



Tel: 0207 482 0701


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Our home-made meals are freshly prepared each day by our dedicated and experienced children’s cook. We thoroughly believe that healthy eating in the early years sets the trend for future lifestyle and ensure that the children are having their ‘5 a day’.


Our menus are meticulously planned to include lots of fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and wholegrain variety of starchy foods.


Special medically diagnosed dietary requirements can normally be catered for.

These requirements should be discussed initially when registering you child and highlighted on the registration form.

We are mindful of the different factors affecting a child’s diet such as:


Cultural preferences

Vegetarian or Vegan

Food allergies and intolerances

Dietary and nutritional specifics

As part of our initial and ongoing care arrangements, we take specific note of a wide range of dietary needs and our kitchen staff keep daily records of children attending the nursery and any dietary needs.


Our milk kitchen in the baby unit will be responsible for storing and preparing all formula and expressed milk. Mothers will be able to breast feed at nursery during the day if they wish to. Mothers who express should bring their babies milk in daily.

Food and Drink Provided


Full Day Session - 8.00am to 6pm

Breakfast / Mid-Morning Fruit Snack / 2-Course Cooked lunch / Late Afternoon Snack


Morning Session - 8.00am to 12.30pm

Breakfast / Mid-Morning Fruit Snack


Extended Morning Session - 8.00am to 1.30pm

Breakfast / Mid-Morning Fruit Snack / 2-Course Cooked Lunch


School Day - 9am to 3.30pm

Mid-Morning Fruit Snack / 2-Course Cooked Lunch


Afternoon Session - 2pm to 6pm

Late Afternoon Snack

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